Why You Should Wear Sarees More Often?

Wear Sarees

Now we are going to tell few important reasons for wear sarees more often. modest saree is the most traditional dress that a woman can wear. In this modern day saree comes in various fabrics which provides you with the option for selecting a saree according to your preference.

You are going to get sarees both in traditional and modern touch . Now its upon which one you will select. If you are going to attend any family function then it will be better if you select a traditional saree but if you are going to attend any party then a saree with a modern touch will be the perfect choice for you.

Maybe you will have a point that draping a saree takes a lot of time but I can assure you one thing if you give your time to drape a beautiful saree then it can completely transform your look which you think you badly want at any given condition.

But if you start wearing saree for a few months then you will notice the time of draping it is decreasing day by day and when you will become pro at that time you will notice it takes hardly 5 minutes to wear a saree properly.

Reasons for wear sarees more often

Now we are going to discuss seven important reason for wearing sarees more often rather than other dresses

 Comfort – If you can drape saree properly then you will get an extra bit of comfort compared to other dresses. So if you are a lover of comfort after wearing dresses then saree should be your preference while visiting any place or function.

Gives a traditional look – By wearing other dresses you may get a fashionable type look. But if you want to give yourself a traditional type look then saree should be your first preference.

It’s an Indian Culture From many years Saree is a part of Indian Culture. It can look awkward in western countries but if you are an Indian then by wearing it you will get a cultural look.

Expresses your identity – if you are an Indian by birth then wearing a saree will express your identity. If you went for an foreign tour then by looking at your dress everyone will understand that you are Indian. So it will make yourself stand out from the others.

Eco friendly choice – If you wear pure fabric made saree like Pure cotton, pure silk etc then it will be environment friendly compared to other dresses.

Durable – If you can maintain a saree properly then it will last for a long period of time once you have a pure fabric saree it will last for more than 3 years. To use it for long periods of time you must do proper maintenance and take proper wash care while using it.

Versatile – By wearing a saree you can go anywhere you want. You can attend any party, occasion, Puja’s. So if you have a saree then you can wear it for various purposes.

Overall Verdict – So if you want to be versatile and want to give yourself a traditional look  then you must wear sarees more often saree cupboard designs.

Saree a perfect Wear Sarees dress for every occasion

Whether you are going to attend any party, wedding ceremony, occasion or any formal events, a saree can surely do justice to every occasion that you are attending. If you attend any cultural event by wearing a saree then it will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Shops to look at while having Saree from Kolkata

While having a saree there are few trusted shops from where you should try to have your favorable silk, cotton, sico, tussar & banarasi sarees.

At first start with Banarasi Niketan. If you are thinking about having a Banarasi saree then banarasiketan should be your choice because these particular shop in kolkata have a wide range of Banarasi Sarees which makes it famous for Banarasi Saree.

Secondly if you are thinking about having a saree then Legacy Of Bhojraj should be your choice because its a 75+ years old shop which makes it a trustable shop. & this particular shop has got 4.8 star ratings in Google My Business from more than 250+ people which makes it a most trustworthy saree shop.

Thirdly if you are thinking about having various fabric sarees then Adi Mohini Mohon Kanjilal should be your preference. Because for many years Adi Mohini Mohon Kanjilal has won the heart of every single kolkata citizen.

Fourthly if you are thinking about cotton saree then Taniera should be your preference because its a Tata brand saree shop & quite popular all over the world. So if you are thinking about having a cotton saree from kolkata then you can definitely visit the Taneira Saree Store near Gariahat.

Fifthly if you are thinking about having silk sarees then Indian Silk House should be your preference because they have a huge stock of various silk sarees. So if you are thinking about having silk mark certified silk sarees from Kolkata then Indian silk house should be your preference.


If you are still reading this article then I think you have understood why you should wear saree more often. By wearing saree you can give yourself a traditional type look in front of your colleagues or the fellow person who ever is noticing you modest saree.

If you have any question regarding this article then you can feel free to ask me through the below given comment section & if you have liked this article then feel free to share this article with your friends and relatives.


What is the reason for wearing saree?

There are various reasons for wearing saree but right now I am going to describe 2 good reasons for wearing saree & from that two good reason the first good reason is by wearing saree you can keep yourself modest and the other good reason is by wearing saree you can keep yourself sensuous. sensuous and put hang saree closet designs .

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