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Since the release of Rocky, Hoodie Sweatshirt have been the favorite go-to staple for gym enthusiasts. Comfortable and sweat-wicking, what more could you want from a simple clothing piece? Whether jogging or cozying up on a lazy Sunday, sweatshirts and hoodies are great for everything.

Rockit provides you with a wide variety of hoodies and sweatshirts, from classic cotton pullovers to wind-resistant zippers to easy-drying workout hoodies.

But finding the perfect hoodie is like finding a needle in a haystack. Don’t worry; curators at Rockit have handpicked hoodies based on several characteristics a workout staple must have to be placed inside wardrobe essentials. Let’s take a look at how everyone can choose the right hoodie in 2023 with some basic research.

Always Choose Premium Fabrics

A pullover’s fabric is quite crucial in taking your workouts to the next level. While cotton hoodies are lightweight, they are less durable compared to polyester, which easily wicks moisture, keeping you sweat-free all the time.

The material of the hoodie is the first factor you should consider while pushing that ‘add to cart’ button. Let’s take a look at different types of materials available at Rockit and discuss what makes them a good choice.

Hoodies Made from Pure Cotton

Do you sweat like a non-human and cannot breathe while doing even easy-level exercise? It’s time to invest in premium cotton fabric sweatshirts and pullovers. For super breathability and moisture-free workouts, Rockit designed their clothing with material that helps you keep your body moisture-free and cool for longer periods of time.

Hoodies Made with Polyester

Sweating is part of the process, but getting irritated with overheating is not. With Rockit polyester fitness staples, you can stay sweat-free for longer periods of time, making them the perfect workout companion when doing heavy sets.

Fabric Blend – Combination of Two Worlds

Don’t lose your minds when we say you can combine the best of both worlds; that’s where blended clothing staples come into the picture. Suitable for moderate to heavy workouts, they are super-breathable, lightweight, and sweat-wicking.

Always Pay Attention to Fit & Style Hoodie Sweatshirt

Working out isn’t a hobby but a lifestyle for many, and without the proper type of clothing, working out can become harder under normal circumstances. Several factors come into play for a comfortable workout, including fitting, style, stretchability, fabric breathability, and moisture-wicking characteristics.

Fitting clothing depends on what kind of exercise you are doing. If you are running or cycling, avoid loose-fitting clothes as they might restrict your hand movements. While doing light exercise, always choose to wear loose-fitting sweatshirts for better comfortability.

Yoga and pilates are better performed while wearing fitted and stretchy fabric that rapidly absorbs moisture for better body positioning.

A general rule of thumb: don’t choose the fit which causes any inconvenience while you perform that particular fitness activity.

Key Takeaways

Fashion meets functionality – this line perfectly sums up the hoodie activewear style. They are stylish, versatile, and comfortable – OGs of casual sportswear are here to rule until the end of time.

  • Pairing the right fit hoodie as per the activity you are doing is always considered a smart move. They are good to go with joggers, track pants, and even shorts for a dapper look.
  • We recommend always staying woke when it comes to deciding your hoodie’s fit and how it feels when worn. It shouldn’t be too loose to bring you down, and it shouldn’t be too tight to restrict your body’s movement.”

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